How to refill Samsung ML-1660, ML-1665, ML-1670, ML-1675, ML-1860, ML-1865, SCX-3200, SCX-3205, MLT-D104S, MLT-D104X toner cartridges
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How to refill Samsung ML-1660, ML-1665, ML-1670, ML-1675, ML-1860, ML-1865, SCX-3200, SCX-3205, MLT-D104S, MLT-D104X toner cartridges

1. Place the cartridge in horizontal position with the side cover holding the chips facing you. Take the blade and cut the head of the plastic rivet. Be careful with the movement, keeping the blade from slipping and cutting yourself

2. Using the knife blade, slightly separate the cover just enough for the small edge of the screwdriver to enter and pry it open

3.Remove the fill plug and Empty the hopper/cartridge and clean thoroughly by using a vacuum.. This step is very important; better cleaning of the cartridge and not mixing previous toner with new toner, the better quality printing result.

4.After cleaning the cartridges Fill the toner hopper with the proper amount of toner for use in Samsung ML-1665, and tightly close with the plastic lid

5.Replace the chip with a new one and sliding it in place.
NOTE: Under normal working conditions the printer will eventually call for toner cartridge replacement. The printer will need to read a new chip to reset the counters and to print. For this reason, it is recommended that testing be done with a shop chip first and once print quality is assured, a new chip be installed in its place.

6.Install the end cap and use any tape to secure it together. Make sure that the tapes are not covering the chip or any metal contact.

PRINTING TEST PAGES Turn the printer on and press the one-touch button until the “Ready” light blinks fast three times, then twice slow, release.

Optional step. These steps below are optional not require.

For some reason you don’t want to using the tapes to secure the cartridges together (most of the time is for resell reason)
Place the cartridge in a vertical position, punch a center mark on the plastic rivet shaft, and drill it out with the 3/32” bit , to a depth no more than 1/4”.

Slowly thread a 1/8” black screw into the hole. Screw all the way down. Perform the same procedure on every other rivet including the cartridge top cover (a total of 8 pieces) but DO NOT disassemble the cartridge yet. The idea is to have all the riveted points replaced with the proper screws perfectly threaded before proceeding to disassemble the side covers and the top. Once all the screws are installed, proceed to remove them and disassemble the cartridge in the following fashion


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    [ Bryan]: samsung ML-1660 2013-04-11 19:06

    Ordered through slicker than sh$#!!!! Easy to instal chip and fill with toner. As long as you can wield an exacto knife and a drill like a man you can do this install!

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